Locality of the Club Los Ulmos  

Our Club is locatet about 200 m above level of the Villarrica lake and about 8 km away from the town Pucon .

To reach our "Club" from Villarrica you need to go about 19 km in direction to Pucon, at this point you will see on the right side a green sign named ,Pucon,Los Riscos, Curimanque, as well as our brown sign Los Ulmos. There you need to follow up, to the right ,a sandy road about 3 km until our "Club" apears on the right side.

Another way, better in the winter: You will go about 1 km before Pucon, on the right there is the way up to the vulcan, up there about 3 km, there is the little green sign on the right named Curimanque, follow this way to the right about 8 km, therefore you see a sign Los Ulmos, go on to the right about 800 m, there we are on the left.

Casilla 55 Pucón Chile Fono: 56 0994436073 o email: losulmos@gmx.net